Based on the successful experience in industrial investment, resources integration, merger & reorganization and securities market operating, the group set up several whollyCowned investment company, engaging in modern agricultural, finance, new energy and online fiance.Apart from those, Haide founded Non-performing asset acquisition and disposal foundation as one of the starters.
High quality service is natural true feelings which born from the heart, five-star service is strict to the elaborate details. We take such service concept as people first, customer supreme from Baotou to Hohhot, Inner Mongolia to Beijing. High-end lifestyle trend elements, the cozy family harbor, the elite noble enjoyment, and the international forefront of fashion health will always let you enjoy the perfect feeling.
Integrity is the base of residence, high quality is the sprit of a building, five-star is the standard of service, and reputation is the feedback of market. Header real estate will meet the urban life required, at the same time the peace of comfortable, elegant fashion; convenient and accessible are be put carefully into architectural details.What you can see is not only a fan of warm window, but the life and work of pleasure.
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